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USDA Hogs & Pigs Report               09/29 14:26

US Sept. 1 Hog Inventory Down 1% From Year Ago 

                           2021         2022     2023    2022 as   2023 as
                                                         percent   percent
                                                         of 2021   of 2022
                       (1,000 head) (1,000 head)        (percent)

All Hogs Sept. 1         74,867        73,800               99%
Kept for Breeding         6,190         6,152               99%
Kept for Marketing       68,677        67,648               99%

Under 50 lbs.            21,690        21,343               98%
50-119 lbs.              20,211        19,887               98%
120-179 lbs.             14,246        14,073               99%
180 lbs.                 12,529        12,345               99%

Jun-Aug                   3,050         3,018               99%
Sep-Nov*                  3,049         2,973               98%
Dec-Feb*                  2,929         2,919    2,902     100%      99%
Jun-Aug Pig Crop         33,944        33,581               99%

                          (number)    (number)           (percent)

Jun-Aug Pigs Per Litter   11.13         11.13              100%

This article was originally posted at 2:26 p.m. CDT on Thursday, Sept. 29. 
It was last updated with additional information at 2:40 p.m. CDT on 
Thursday, Sept. 29.


OMAHA (DTN) -- United States inventory of all hogs and pigs on Sept. 1, 
2022, was 73.8 million head. This was down 1% from Sept. 1, 2021, but up 
2% from June 1, 2022.

Breeding inventory, at 6.15 million head, was down 1% from last year, and 
down slightly from the previous quarter.

Market hog inventory, at 67.6 million head, was down 1% from last year, 
but up 2% from last quarter.

The June-August 2022 pig crop, at 33.6 million head, was down 1% from 
2021. Sows farrowing during this period totaled 3.02 million head, down 1% 
from 2021. The sows farrowed during this quarter represented 49% of the 
breeding herd. The average pigs saved per litter was 11.13 for the June-
August period, unchanged from last year.

United States hog producers intend to have 2.97 million sows farrow during 
the September-November 2022 quarter, down 2% from the actual farrowings 
during the same period one year earlier, and down 6% from the same period 
two years earlier. Intended farrowings for December 2022-February 2023, at 
2.90 million sows, are down 1% from the same period one year earlier, and 
down 1% from the same period two years earlier.

The total number of hogs under contract owned by operations with over 
5,000 head, but raised by contractees, accounted for 50% of the total 
United States hog inventory, up 1% from the previous year. 


All inventory and pig crop estimates for September 2021 through June 2022 
were reviewed using final pig crop, official slaughter, death loss, and 
updated import and export data. The revision made to the March 2022-May 
2022 pig crop was 0.1%. A net revision of 0.7% was made to the March 2022 
all hogs and pigs inventory. The net revision made to the December 2021-
February 2022 pig crop was 0.6%.


"Thursday's Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report came out rather supportive to 
the lean hog complex given that all data entries came in lighter than 
year-ago figures," said DTN Livestock Analyst ShayLe Stewart. 

"The U.S. hog and pig inventory for Sept. 1 totaled 73.8 million head, 
which was 1% lighter than a year ago, but significantly lighter than the 
anticipated 74.3 million head that analysts predicted ahead of the 
report's release. 

"For the weight breakdown of hogs to be marketed in the future, it was 
also comforting for producers to see that hogs weighing under 50 pounds 
and those weighing 50 to 119 pounds, came in 2% lighter than a year ago; 
and then the upper two divisions of hogs weighing 120 to 179 pounds and 
those weighing 180 pounds or more came in 1% lighter than a year ago. Even 
though hog carcass weights have recently increased, fewer hogs in the 
supply chain will help alleviate some marketing pressure. 

"The lean hog market has endured severe pressure over the last seven days 
-- largely being fueled by immense outside pressures from our weakened 
economy. But given the combination of Thursday's strong export report and 
bullish Hogs and Pigs report, the market may be able to scale higher upon 
these favorable findings."


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