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Easy Keeper Edge  11/12/12 1:24:48 PM

Easykeeper Edge

A specially formulated horse feed for all ages and disciplines.

• Contains Biotin for dry cracked hoof conditions

• Fortified with optimum levels of vitamins and minerals

• Cost effective product - feed one feed for all

• Additional fat level to maintain body weight

• Pelleted to aid in digestibility and decrease colic

• Contains blended vegetable oil

Nutrient Analysis




Crude Protein, not less than



Crude Fat, not less than


Crude Fiber, not more than


Calcium, not less than


Calcium, not more than


Phosphorus, not less than


Copper, not less than

30.22 ppm

Selenium, not less than

0.3 ppm

Zinc, not less than

150 ppm

Biotin, not less than

1.15 mg/lb


Feeding Directions

Feed ½ % of body weight for maintenance of horses in good condition. Feed 1% of body weight for horses in good condition doing light work. Feed 1½% body weight for horses in poor condition doing little-to-no work or horses in medium condition doing hard work. Pasture or hay and water should be available at all times.
Avoid drastic fluctuations. If ration changes are necessary do so gradually. Blend an increasing amount of new ration with a decreasing amount of the present ration over a 4 to 7 day period.


This product contains copper. Do not feed to sheep.

Don't forget: Offer MFA 5% Horse Mineral free choice to all ages. Can also be top dressed at 2 ounces per head per day.
For foals, weanlings and horses in heavy training, add 4 ounces to feed daily. Always offer plenty of fresh, clean water.

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